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IRON SKY 鐵幕蒼穹 Hong Kong R 3 DVD(New & Sealed)

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Product Description

IRON SKY  鐵幕蒼穹

Hong Kong R 3 DVD

(New & Sealed)

DVD Region 3 - English & German Version - Chinese / English sub. *

* App. 99 Mins. / DTS ES / Dolby EX / 2.35 :1 / NTSC *

* Bluray Zone A - English & German Version - Chinese / English sub. *

* App. 99 Mins. / DTS HD MA 6.1 / Dolby EX / 2.35 : 1 *

DVD / Bluray Bonus Features :

- Making Of

- Director's Commentary

- Trailers

- The Birth of "Iron Sky"


2018年,美國人再次啟動登月計劃,將地球上第一位黑人航天員占士華盛頓送上月球;這也是美國第一位女總統為尋求連任而安排下的的形象工程。當華盛頓和他的登月伙伴成功降落月球,步出太空艙並視察周遭環境之際,竟然發現月球黑暗面已經建立了一座秘密基地。在同一時間,伙伴遭受到子彈射殺,太空艙亦被炮火擊毀,而華盛頓被俘虜了。 原來,早在1945年第二次世界大戰時,德國科學家在反重力研究上取得了巨大的突破。同年,在南極的秘密基地上,納粹飛船被發射送往月球,並在月球的黑暗面建立起一個名為「黑太陽」的軍事基地。二次大戰敗後,最精英的的納粹分子紛紛逃亡往月球;在那裡,科學家不分晝夜地研究新技術、改善武器裝備,試圖建立起一支強大的星際部隊,伺機反攻地球。 納粹軍俘虜華盛頓後,將他帶往基地審問。納粹的現任元首高士飛,由於性格軟弱,領導的大權實際上掌控在軍官克勞斯艾拉手中。在拘留室,科學家希特檢測了華盛頓的智能手機,意識到它就是納粹的宇宙飛船上所缺少的重要部件;有了這種智能手機,納粹反攻地球的計劃就能實現。同時,艾拉安排希特給華盛頓注射〈白化素〉,將他皮膚變白。艾拉和未婚妻雲娜希特及華盛頓一起來到地球取大量智能手機,並找到女總統的得力助手慧敏,開始一項太空陰謀計劃  ..


In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program eva¬ded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers. Soon, this unstoppable attack fleet will swarm towards Earth, heralding the triumphant return of the Fourth Reich! When American astrounaut James Washington puts down his Lunar Lander a bit too close to the secret Nazi base, the Moon Führer decides the glorious moment of retaking the Earth has arrived sooner than expected. Washington claims that he‘s just a model doing a popularity stunt for the US President, but what else could the man be but a scout for the imminent attack by Earth forces? The Fourth Reich must act immediately! Before the Nazis can launch their invasion, they need to finish their flagship, the gargantuan war machine Götterdämmerung. For this, they need the computing power of modern technology, like the smart phone found in Washington‘s pocket. Two Nazi officers, ruthless Klaus Adler and idealistic Renate Richter, travel to Earth with Washington to ret¬rieve these computers. However, Klaus has no intention of ever returning to the Moon. He plans to become a power unto himself, first by allying with the US President, then by usurping the Moon F ührer‘s throne. But when the Moon Nazi UFO armada darkens the skies, poised to strike at the unprepared Earth, everyone, man, woman and nation alike, must reevaluate their priorities.






Product Videos

Iron Sky 鐵幕蒼穹 [HK Trailer 香港版預告] (00:48)
Iron SkyHong Kong Release Date: 2012-12-06http://tube.hk/en/movie/titles/9743鐵幕蒼穹香港上映日期:2012年12月6日http://tube.hk/ch/movie/titles/9743
  • Iron SkyHong Kong Release Date: 2012-12-06http://tube.hk/en/mo...

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